August Clay Haul!

      Hi! Here is my August Clay Creation! Some of them are customized for my friend. This month, I really enjoy making clay, I spent 12-16 hours a day to make clay, everyday. So please enjoy this.. i hope you like in^^

husky (6)

First one is a Siberian Husky, a friend of mine want to make this a gift for his friends’ birthday. Husky’s eyes are heterochromia, so the iris colour are different.

momo (24)momo (23)

During that time, I also made a customized creation for myself, this is my pet Momo, I love Momo’s look on the charm, such a very cute cat he is ^^ The necklace charm is also very useful because I wear it everyday and it brighten up my days!

pikachu (22) pikachu (21) pikachu (20) pikachu (19)

Pikachu attack! Make this more and more, first my sis asked for the pikachu who hold ketchup botle, then I reproduce more styles of her^^

wale (1)

Orca Shark that looks like a whale


Kerokeropi :>

tink (23)

This is a collaboration with my friend in instagram Ruya, she made peterpan and I made tinkerbell!

tink (1)

Reproduce her, but I couldn’ get the same shape of her dress and decided to paint more of her wings..

Stromtrooper (1)

Made stroomtrooper as a gift for my senior high school english teacher, Sir Hanky.

sadness (1)

Sadness figurine

rain (1)

Preparing for christmas!

That’s what I made on August, there are more models of clay but it’s not a new model so I didn’t put it all in this posts as it will be boring.


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