June Clay Haul! Graduation theme


So I promised to update my clay creation I made on this holiday.. starting from June, I ordered new boxes for my product so it looks better and more ‘gifty’.

Graduation mini (4)The clay that I made is graduated students. This is because my university’s graduation ceremony is near and this clay is the perfect gift for lovelies. I got many request to make a customized facial feature and colours for this clay, and I enjoy doing it 😀 Here is several photos I managed to take before sending them to their new home…

Graduation figurine (7)
Lining up for glazing! 8-10 cm Custom Figurine
Graduation mini (16)
Cute small Girls Custom Figurine
Graduation mini (5)
More graduates
Graduation figurine (1)
This is my favorite Figurine for a very sweet lady
Graduation figurine (3)
Graduation mini (3)
Girls with moslem Jilbab. 😀 I enjoy making this…



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