July Clay Haul!

Hi Guys!

This is Yovita and I featured some of the July Clay Creation.First there is Dragon inspired from other artist I found on Instagram, The Little Mew, and Eevee Pokemon (customized for my friend), Molang, and Dutch Couple.

dragonblu (4) eevee (7)  molang (10)  dutch (1)

My favorite is Lilo and Stitch, I’m beginning to create more from the heart since I make the Lilo. She’s shaped very detail, including her toes, sandals, flower, finger, and everthing, I really enjoy making her, as she always turn cute at the end.

Lilo n Stitch (9)
Lilo and Stitch Charm Complete Set

Lilo n Stitch (3)Lilo n Stitch (10)

Close up on Scrump and Stitch.

But what’s more in demand is Baymax! Baymax oh baymax ^-^

Baymax oh baymax (14) Baymax oh baymax (10) Baymax oh baymax (12) Baymax oh baymax (13)

Just can’t have enough of him… so my friends, and many new people bought my baymaxes keychain, big one, smaller one, every pose.. So In my spare time while I’m doing clay I try to always restock Baymaxes, because it’s usually gone in a short time. I tried to maintain quality over quantity, so I’m really sorry for those who were unable to get it the first time. Right now it’s out of stock, but in the future I will surely make more 🙂 I’ll let you know!

Baymax oh baymax (4)


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