First Sunday

27th September 2015

So on my first Sunday this year in Japan, I went to a church that my Indonesian friend Enggar had showed me yesterday…

DSC05609It’s so fortunate that I’m not late, the Service starts on 10.30 AM, The church is small and there are few old people come, but luckily I met friendly people and a Korean wife who speaks English, she told me where I can get English Bible and how to follow the service. So I feel blessed ^-^

Btw, on my way I saw this Pop up market, used goods are sold near the road, I just know this is often in Japan too 😀

DSC05620After it ends, I continue my day out going to Book OFF, it’s a discount shop that sells CD, DVD, Books, and Anime Figurine! The main reason I go is for buying some figurines (not particular anime because I don’t follow anime) for souvenirs^^! It’s much cheaper that the original new ones that sold in Akihabara and popular places like that, so it’s worth a million!

DSC05677Look at them, they’re so great! I have a feeling I’m going to spend much money on this kind of thing.. but i think it’s okay.

On my way home, I bought some items for daily needs and saw vast rice fields, strawberry fields, and this fruit…

DSC05603 DSC05628 DSC05657 DSC05669 DSC05675  DSC05633

I don’t know the name of the fruit in English or Japanese, but in Indonesia it’s “kesemek”. Finally I saw many orange and yellow leaves, the Autumn is near, So Excited!^^



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