Blog Update, finally!

Hi Guys!

I’m so sorry I’ve been so lazy to update my blog, there are too many things passed in my life since my last post. I’ll try to write some most memorable things happened, but it will not be fit in one post, so I’ll separate it into several posts.

So after I finished my internship at Naked Foods Indonesia, I spent holiday at home waiting desperately for good news from a program I applied since last year about doing research for my Final Bachelor Thesis (more of this below!), I also visited campus several times, and doing much much crafting for my crafting business (I’ll write about it on the next post okay? :D)


Mid of August 2015,

So I applied to a scholarship program named Kyushu University Friendship Scholarship, it’s a 6-month-program for international students to do a research in Kyushu University. I prepared this since August last year (2014) and planned to make it my Final Thesis in my home university. More about this program is on this website, they write everything you need to know to apply, about outline, procedures, documents needed, but just ask me if you want to know more 😀

Actually I have invested many years of my study to get this chance! and I really desire to get it. I almost given up waiting as it was a little bit late to announce the acceptance of my application… But then, on 27th August on 08.00 in the morning, the email arrived! My heart skipped a beat when it popped up in my Gmail inbox, it felt unreal and I was so happy! BANZAI ^o^V

In short, I prepared everything for my stay in Japan; already got visa on the last minute, chat with my supervisor both in Japan and in Indonesia who will guide me in the research, and I even got chance to tell about this story of mine in ARCHAEA student association event; it’s a talkshow about exchange and scholarship program abroad.

One day before I left, my BFFS gave me this:


omg omg! It’s just so sweet of them >.< they’re my closest friends! I surely gonna miss hanging out with you guys, so please bear with me, i hope i can bring great souvenirs for you!


24th September 2015

Thursday afternoon, today’s my departure day, my family went together with me to Husein Sastranegara Airport to say goodbye for the last time. It’s the last time I see them in person this year… I felt so excited but a little sad, especially when my mum sent me goodbye message the last time just before my plane took off. I don’t know what will happen on the next 6 months whether I’ll get homesick or not, hopefully not though.. I miss my family so bad, but I know this is a dream that I have wanted since so long.


Anyway, the flight went smooth and I arrived in Kansai Airport on 25th September 2015 08.25 Japan Time. I had a 3-long-hour-queue at the immigration as I need to register my residence card (for people who stays in Japan for studying in quite a long time). After that, I continue my journey via subways and trains bound to Fukuoka airport, where I was taken to my new dormitory while I’m in Kyushu, the name is Ito Kyosokan Harmony House. I had to ride 5 different trains/subways, but thankfully I managed to get here safely.

After I arrived at the dorm, a support student from Kyushu University come and helped me check in. Then on the night I visit a friend from Indonesia who lives in the same building for almost 6 months already. We chat and on the next day we went together to another Indonesian students’ apartment and to Daiso supermarket for buying daily goods. It was so nice of her, I’m very thankful to have such company to go with me.

I also have chat to another friends living on the same floor in the dormitory, most of them are Chinese and Japanese and I couldn’t understand Japanese and Chinese well, so I don’t talk often, but I’m eager to spent more time with them.

So for now, this is what I can write so far about my stay in Kyushu. Tomorrow I’ll try going to church that Enggar has shown me on our way to supermarket today, isn’t it just so sweet of her? 😀 Hopefully I can get to it by myself tomorrow.

Bear with me^^

There will surely more news about it. 😀

Me at the Fukuoka airport



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