Thank God it’s Friday! Time to reflect and return.

My sixth semester, one period full of joy, hectic days, multitasking, and self-introspection.

Lab works, young leaders forum, competitions… I’m so lucky to have experienced it all in the past when I deal with this semester.

Turns out I enjoy all of these; days of video making, late-night sleepover in the lab doing stuffs, exploring truth from invisible microbes, rehearsal for presentations…

All these things enrich me in a way I’ve never thought possible. It makes me realize that it‘s such a mysterious world I am dealing with, and I’m totally nothing, just a speck of dust in this huge unkowns.
#butirandebu  #remahremah

So much things to be explored and utilized and now this student gained much more passion to do it.

Will I ever had that chance? She is not afraid as her passion supply her fuel to accomplish higher deals, to live her life fully.

I don’t know if I ever would. But this desire is burning alive, albeit being an extremely reduced flame. I want to see more parts of the world. More adventure. More people to meet. More life experiences!


4 June 2015


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