NIPS Internship Flight experience

This post is the second part of the NIPS Internship in Japan last July 2014. I want to share about,

my flight journey experience!

good bye!

It was really memorable because odd things happened when I leave to and from Japan.

First, I departed from Bandara Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung at 15.45 pI m. It was smooth and good.

Departed from Bandung
Sunny Sky!

Then I transited in klia2 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for about 6 hours (19:30pm – 12.45am)

Arrived in Malaysia

I took a sightseeing in the boarding lounge until I got bored.

check-in again in klia2
check in desk – Yovita
immigration gate

The flight was fine, the aircraft they used are more decent and spacious than the previous one, because flight from klia2 to Centrair was much longer and further than flight from Bandung to klia2.

flight to nagoya!
above Okinawa Japan!

I arrived in Japan (for the first time!) on 09:00 am, July 2nd 2014…

Chubu Centrair International Airport!

…and I got a surprise that my baggage is gone! Gone and nowhere to be seen! Apparently I was hoping my suitcase was missed somewhere in Japan, not in Malaysia or Bandung!

But I have to hurry take train to Okazaki so I stopped worrying about that because now I have to speak in Japanese and I am not confident yet.

Centrair Station

But thankfully it turned out the journey ran smoothly. I bought the right ticket, got on the right train, got off at the right station to changed train bound to Okazaki, and finally arrived.

Train to Okazaki
Change train to Okazaki
Inside the train

Then I called Yuko Sensei using public telephone.

hyaku-en is enough 🙂

Anyway, my baggage was left out in Malaysia (how clumsy! -__-) and I was reunited with it after 4 days, 5th of July 2014.



ANA plane souvenir @Books and Tabi Cafe of Fuku-chan’s

After I created sooooo many wonderful memories during the Internship, finally the day came, Wednesday 16th July 2014, I departed from Centrair International Airport (with the help of a really good friend). My schedule was on 10:45am. I arrived at the airport around 07:30. I got plenty of time but I had to queue to check in. This was my lugagges

Just after packing, realize that I have bought so many items in Book OFF and AEON Mall

Oh yes, it was HARD CORE! My maksimum baggage is 20kgs, so I thought I could get the suitcase into the baggage and bring the rest as hand luggages.

It turned out ar the airport, I wasn’t allowed to take more than two hand luggage and each should be not more than 7 kgs. You see my backpack weight 8kgs, the grey bag is 8kgs, the souvenir plastic bag is about 6. Then I arranged so I have 7kgs backpack, 7kgs souvenir bags, and 8kgs grey bag. Finally a friend of mine kind heartedly offered to sent the grey bag by mail. I couldn’t thank him enough! I was really really lucky, because if I wasn’t with him, I surely be overwhelmed.

My problem didn’t end that time. When I was on the immigration gate. The officer was suspicious about my backpack and he found miso, tofu, and some foodie stuffs inside it! I didn’t know that miso and tofu were considered as liquid that is forbidden to be brought as hand luggage. At that time, the check in desk has been closed so by default I can’t add those miso and tofu to baggage. But I argued and argued until the time reached 10:30! it was 15 minutes before flight and I haven’t reached the gate yet. But I forced the officer to allow me to bring that miso and tofu, so finally, of how lucky I am, he allowed me to get that into the baggage.

Then I (tried to) run with 14kgs of my hand luggages to the gate and finally I reached the gate and managed to queue to get in the plane.

My heart was really pounding. phew!

Flight from Nagoya to Malaysia

But the flight was fine although I just realized I left some of my documents in the plane. How stupid!

Then I transited again in klia2 for about 5 hours before departing to Bandung 🙂

Departing from Malaysia
Booding pasu

I arrived in Bandung on the 16th July 2014, 10:00 pm. Feeling awesome and grateful for my journey 🙂 . All of my baggage also arrived at the same time, so there was no problem that time.

See you again! 🙂


See you again! I will CERTAINLY go back to Japan in the future! 😀

With smile 😀 and hugs!

Yovita Adj


2 thoughts on “NIPS Internship Flight experience

    1. Iya ga nyangka ka seberat itu hehe… tapi itu untung banget masi bisa pulang wkwkwk. Begitu pulang Bu Cisca juga heran banget kok tasnya berat 😛

      Lesson learned, Harusnya aku pesn bagai 30kg lain kali… 😀

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