Japan Culinary Experience

Now let’s talk about an interesting topics… yeah, Food!


I ate really good and delicious foods in Japan, it was my first time to try authentic Japanese cuisine, snacks, and products.Si let’s begin…

Bread and Steak レストラン, Okazaki, Japan

This was my first lunch when I arrived in Japan. I was with Masaki Sensei and Yuko Sensei in Bread and Steak Restaurant. I ordered a set menu consist of tofu pudding, pumpkin soup, and salads for appetizer, salmon steak for the main course, and  fruity cream brullee dessert. It was all very satisfying and yummy! The soup was warm and tender and the saltines was just perfect, the steak portion was really big 😀

hearty pumpkin soup, salads, and tofu pudding
sweet and creamy

Sukiyaki すき焼き Restaurant

This restaurant is located inside AEON Mall in Okazaki near NIPS. I went here on July 3rd with Watanabe-san, the technical assistant of the lab and Tatsuro-san, one of the graduate students in the lab. We ordered a set menu consist of sukiyaki meats, a basket of veggies and mushroom, and a cup of rice for each person.

Set menu of sukiyaki

The experience of eating sukiyai was fun! We cooked the meat and veggies with the sauces of our choice ourselves and ate it together while chatting together. It was a bit like potluck party. The taste was oishii! And I just knew that eating raw eggs is common in Japan. Hmm…


Nigiri no Tokube

Next is the iconic Japanese food, sushi すし ! 😀 I went to a sushi restaurant called Nigiri no Tokube with Shimizu Sensei and Osanae-san (members from other lab) and Tatsuro-san.

(Clockwise) Shimizu Sensei, Tatsuro-san, me, and Osanae-san

We ate many plates of sushi, so many kinds from eggs, natou, squids, shrimp, mayonaise, wide range of raw fishes, and also Otoro! Otoro is a special sushi, because the meat they use to make otoro is the fatty parts of maguro (tuna), Japanese people really appreciate otoro and you can get it only by making a request. The otoro is placed on the golden plate below…

Maguro, Natou, Otoro

In my opinion, otoro was delicious, the meat was really tender and flavourful, although the chef almost put no spices there.

We ate around 30 plates of sushi, equivalent 60 sushis! Wow I was really full, ate too much hoo… After that we had warabi mochi for the dessert. Hooray!

nigiri no tokube 😀

Okazaki Shokudo

In Japanese, shokudo (食堂) means canteen. Okazaki Shokudo is a popular place for eating a relatively cheap Japanese meal. I ate sanma (fish), hijiki seaweed, and some other kinds of vegetable. The taste was like Japanese home cook. Sweet 🙂

Ate with Atsushi-san, Wan-san, and friends from other lab 🙂

Books and Tabi Cafe 隠れ家

On the 5th of July, I with Shimizu Sensei and Tatsuro went to this cafe after sightseeing in a Japanese countryside. The owner of this cafe is Tatsuro-san’s friend named Kozo Fukuta of Fuku-chan (I called him like that). Fuku-chan’s cafe is unique, because we can read many books and manga in his cafe while eating. The place was cozy and homy and there are wide range of menu available. Take a look at the food we ordered. Yum!

Matcha Latte ^^
risotto and cheesy mochi with blueberry sauce
fries, agedashi tofu
Okonomiyaki and kimuchi

We chatted for some time, Fuku-chan is really interested in Indonesia. He maybe visit Bandung soon! It was really nice meeting him.

me with Fuku-chan and Tatsuro-san

Eating Udon in Inuyama

Udon (うどん) is a type of noodle that is similar to spagetti but a little bigger in diameter. I ate udon when I was at Inuyama. I tried cold udon/冷たいうどん but frankly said, I am a bit disappointed by the taste. It was only plain bland udon with soy sauce, not really special, compared with the price. lol

熱いうどん – Tatsuro ordered this

Nagoya’s eatery

I went here with Tatsuro and his friends living in Nagoya. First we ate in a cafe. We ordered red bean toast and some ‘nagoya-style’ cake with vanila ice cream. It was really huge and sweet. mumumuuu,….


Then at night we had dinner in an Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant, the food tastes really italian and satisfying 🙂

カルボナーラとサラダ(carbonara and salad)
Salmon pizza
トマトチーズ salad


This restaurant have Chinese-Japanese fusion cuisines. I went here on Monday evening with Fuku-chan and Tatsuro. The food we ordered were so many! Too much that I really really full. Because the taste was really delicious, I ate too much that time. Just looking at the photo made me want to eat that again… :3

Gyoza, Stir-fried chicken, spicy shrimp
mapo tofu
stir-fried eggplant and ground beef

Gusto ガス Steak

This was a great steak restaurant!
Located on the main street of Okazaki – the 280 route. I visited here with Yokoi-san, Assistant professor in the lab.

with Yokoi-san
Steak! and friends 🙂

I ordered Tuna Steak Set. The set also include all you can eat veggies, fruits, salads, curry rice, soups and bread. Amazing! The steak portion was not so big but I was really bloated because of the all you can eat station. Tastes just great!^^

I visited Gusto twice, and here’s the second time photos.. I went with Eulalia and Farehan. They were a graduate international student in NIPS. This was accidental and spontaneous plan that popped up when we chat together. We had a really good time and chattime here 🙂

Eulalia from India and Farehan from Singapore
I ate ビーフステーキ^^

Sashimi in Minamichita

On the Saturday 12th July, I visited Tokoname and Minamichita in Ai-chi Perfecture. Suzuki-san (technical assistant in the lab) kindly took me with her son, Atsushi-san, with Watanabe-san and her kids, Dai-chan and Ko-chan, also with Tatsuro. We ate a really good quality of seafood in this restaurant.


I ordered sashimi, which came with 9-kinds of sashimi, salads, miso soup, tsukemono, and rice. It’s true that the seafood tasted more fresh than in Okazaki, itadakimasu^^

Really fresh fish!^^

Rokuanji and Ginkakuji Snacks

This was in Kyoto. Fuku-chan was really kind to drive me to Kyoto on Sunday 13th July. We visited some places in Kyoto, the city of culture and historical Japan, and also ate some delicious okashi. First is a speciality okashi, sweet paste of azuki bean and green tea wrapped in tapioca flour…

sweet taste

After that we also ate matcha ice cream! ^^ This is definitely oishii!

抹茶とバニラ flavored アイスクリーム

For lunch we had a great set of Kyoto traditional cuisine.

ocha 緑茶

This was marvelous! I can’t thanked Fuku-chan enough for this one. The appetizer were many kinds of mouthwatering tofu dishes… there were creamy, textured, moist, chewy, and caramelized tofu. In my opinion, this was really creative and innovative way of eating tofu!^^

so many kinds of tofu^^
textured creamy tofu
milky tofu
sweet caramelized tofu

followed then by sticky rice with some furikake ふりかけwith miso soup and some tsukemono 漬物

sticky rice and soup

Also some crispy tempura, my favorite was the prawn^^


And for the dessert we had warabi mochi with kinako and real bitter matcha, I like this, because the combination are just perfect^^


Izakaya 居酒屋 Restaurant

This was my Farewell Party, I ate here with all the lab member, Masaki Sensei, Yuko Sensei, Takahashi-san, Watanabe-san, Suzuki-san, Tatsuro-san, Yokoi-san, and Atsushi-san. It was really a warm and happy moments, I will surely miss them all.

Yuko Sensei is not shown in the photo :*

The food, btw, was a traditional Japanese lunchbox/bento which taste really fine^^

Japanese お弁当

Yakitori 焼き鳥 Restaurant

And the last Japanese Restaurant I visited was a yakitori restaurant. The place was a little bit like a bar with many kinds of beers, sake and of course yakitori. I honestly don’t really like it because I don’t like eating organs, that’s just uncomfortable. But the fish and vegetables were okay, so it was fine 🙂

tsukemono and shrimp>? for complementary visit
fishy ~’~
yakitori 焼き鳥, the meat was oishii but the organs… err.. I didn’t eat that and leave it for Tatsuro :3


Last but not least, on the time I am not eating in a canteen, restaurant, or food stalls, I just munched on Japanese bento and foods I can get in AEON every night at a discount price. I love natou, age-dashi tofu, yoghurt and many more^^ nom nom nom…

egg bread
cheesy mochi and matcha miruku^^
I love discounted products!
snacks and fruits 🙂
natou, taste good and weird
discounted onigiri 😛
more discounted goods hoho
drinks, mugi-cha taste strange but oishii 🙂

I think, Japanese food and drinks are not as good and various as in Indonesian food, really. But Japanese food are fresh and simple, I like it very much!


With smile 😀 and hugs!


Yovita Adj


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