My Laboratory Works in 4th Semester

This semester can be describe as a hardwork, motivational, and struggle every time, literally. Well, I took 24 Credits this semester, it was the maximum credits I can get. My study card looks like this 🙂
6-4-2014 2-53-38 AMThe subject which include lab works are,
1. Biologi Sel dan Molekuler/Cell and Molecular Biology
2. Ekologi dan Evolusi Mikroba/Ecology and Evolution of Microbes
3. Proyek Fisiologi Mikroba/Microbes Physiology Project
4. Biokimia Umum/General Biochemistry
5. Statistika untuk Mikrobiologi/Statistic for Microbiology

I will explained each of them briefly 🙂

1. Biologi Sel dan Molekuler
This is the heaviest subject, since the credits for it was 4/24. This lecture is generally about cell, how it function properly, how the organeles inside the cell are arranged and work compatible, how the nucleus inside it control all the activities of the cell. Our lecturer, Bu Erna, was a smart person. A very disciple and punctual person. She never tolerate our coming late, but she taught us really well. She shows many animation and often draw it on board so we get a clear picture.
The lab work wasn’t so tough. We have 1 module each week, and we make the report together in our group like a small research journal. My group members are Carol, Donito, Firda, and Yuanita. We love to chat around and being selfie when we have break on the lab. These are the proofs, lol

Featuring Firda Fadhilah 🙂
Firda and Odon
One of our assistant Ka Dina, who was very clever and friendly
Some of our work, making slides of mitotic cells
Giant Chromosomes of fruitfly larvae
Elektrophoresis of Zebrafish total DNA
Elektrophoresis of Zebrafish total RNA
Elektrophoresis of Zebrafish DNA and cDNA gene B actin
Elektrophoresis of Zebrafish DNA and cDNA gene SIX1
SDS-PAGE of E.coli proteins
My BiSelMol group – me, Carol, Donito, Firda, Yuanita

2. Ekologi dan Evolusi Mikroba
We usually call it EEMIK (see the acronym). This one is not really hard, but it took so much of our time because besides 2 hours of lecture, we spent 5 hours on lab work (5 is minimum, often we do observation on other day) and we did a small research PenCil. Compared with ProFisMik (which I explain below) the modules are far easier and fun. We didn’t work aseptically all the time and we didn’t concentrate as hard as in ProFisMik, because we spent more time sampling in fields than in the lab. The assistants are also much more relax than assistants in ProFisMik.

This is our lecturer Dr. Gede Suantika, explaining about water samplers and sampling methods.


This is Ka Wiwin and Ka Angga, explaining the methods

About my PenCil, I don’t know whether I should be happy or not regarding my group topic. I worked with my group; Beni, Cindy, Ameng, Qonita, and Dilla. We did research about Antagonism of Probiotic Bacteria Bacilus flexus versus Pathogenic bacteria in shrimps Vibrio harveyi. FYI, at that time we don’t have pure isolate of V.harveyi in Microbiology, so we need to isolate it from shrimp pond using a spesific medium, so only V.harveyi would grow in the medium. But it turned out that isolating it wasn’t an easy task. We got a colony but it didn’t match the characteristic of V.harveyi, even though we repeat it again and again, until my assistant gave up and we just take a pathogenic isolate that grown, regardless it’s V.harveyi or not, we didn’t care. So we continued our research… (By that time, almost every group has finished their research, they got topics which are easier because we have done it before in the lab modules).

Sampling soil using an auger

These are a few captured pictures during the lab works

10373641_10201771265666702_2007171657946402479_n10361410_10201771265906708_654396879957465632_n10411327_10201771271386845_6585401763211925850_n 10414606_10201771269586800_4717150771490911598_n 10418290_10201771284427171_4359982362983647656_n  1926880_10201267433471212_1889625249_n

10302413_10201771266026711_1947008158970079016_n  10366299_10201771287507248_6602415607291846746_n

We even spent the midnight inoculating our culture. I remembered feeling so sleepy back there, work until 1 a.m. at midnight. But finally our work finished and we reported it well, many thanks to my assistant Ka Angga Hidayatulloh, and all of my groupmates.

On EEMIK, we also did a fieldtrip (I have posted about it here). So I think our credits should have been more than 3 credits, lol. I enjoyed almost all of the moments, though, it was fascinating to learn microbes out there in nature. And at last but best, at the end of our lab work, our head assistant, Ka Galang Putra, gave each group a box of Domino’s Pizza! Woo Hoo!^^ Thank you so much Ka Galang, you are such a generous man! XD

My beloved group ; Dilla, Beni, Cindy, me, Qonita (Ameng was sick when this photo is taken 😦 )

3. Proyek Fisiologi Mikroba
Now this is the most memorable and thoughtful lab work in this semester. Actually it’s also the core of our study this semester, because it deals much about process and structure of microorganism, and how we manipulate the process to yield a phenotype or genotype variations. The lecture, Fisiologi Kuantitatif Mikroba, was not really appealing, because the lecturer who taught us is a new, fresh graduate lecturer, which is too perfectionist, and didn’t suit our class well. But I hope he can adapt to be better in the future 😛

This is my beloved group of ProFisMik – Dilla, Firdhach, Nael, Ami, me

The lab work was the hardest of all. We got 1 module each week, just like other lab work but the work were more intense and need high concentration, because we need to work in precise measurements and be aseptic all the time. But actually it’s enjoyable, even our research PenCil was enjoyable, really. We got our the same topic as the third year students for our PenCil. At first we were very shocked, our assistants (which were also a third year students) were also surprised. It was our lecturers’ idea (the-fresh-graduate-Mr.IT-who-is-too-perfectionist). The topic is about measuring the growth of microbes realtime, along with other factors that change during it’ growth; glucose, pH, antibiotic production. Actually it was very useful for us and I’m so happy my group was really cooperative. Each of us work together, prepare our materials and utensils properly so we work clean and neat during our PenCil. We spent 3 days 2 nights examining our microbes’ growth. I had experience bathed in toilet and slept like codfish in a crate during that time, Haha! This was really something. And finally we finished our PenCil well done, and did our best on our report. I felt proud for our work 🙂

A bit about what we learned this semester;


Microscopic view of bacteria from soil sample
Reni and Mayvin, our neighbouring group, doing their PenCil
Reni and Mayvin, our neighbouring group, doing their PenCil
Our Kahim doing weird things.. Uuh, what the?

4. Statistika untuk Mikrobiologi
I think this wasn;t count as a lab work. We didn’t even have lab to work at. We only use laptop running software to analyze data and did many parametric and nonparametric tests. That’s all we did, it didn’t took much of our time, luckily.

5. Biokimia Umum
The lab work of this subject is a bit annoying because the assistants had different perspective in grading us, so we were rather annoyed when they grade us unfair. But the modules we did actually interesting and our lecturer, Bu Puspa, is one of the greatest lecturer I’ve ever met, really. She was amazing in class, she explained everything clearly, conceptually so I understand the materials well. She’s currently my favorite lecturer 🙂 . I wouldn’t meet her again next semester, because I’ve taken all her compulsory lectures. But I hope to see her again, maybe on some other opportunity.

Amazing lecturer, Ibu Made Puspasari :3

Well, I think we have worked like we never work before this semester. And for all that lab works, I want to thank Bu Erna and Dr.Gede Suantika as our main lecturers in ProFismik and Ekomik, and to Ka Deva and Ka Angga for the guidance and assistance during the PenCil and to make this PenCil successful and thoughtful. Also to all other assistants of ProFisMik and Ekomik who have been working really hard preparing our modules and lab work, and to all of our friends’ help and supports and togetherness during this lab works, and to Mba Kokom and Mba Erna who provide all the materials and utensils needed, and to our seniors that helped us while we are preparing our PenCil. Finally I want to thank Jesus Christ for without Him, I certainly cannot pass this semester well.^^

With smile 😀 and hugs!

Yovita Adj


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