My Life in 4th Semester part 1

Currently I’m on break after my 4th semester. I want to share about my experience about my student life in January 2014 until May 2014 in ITB. There have been so many things happened.

First on January, when I started my 4th semester I become a member of Professional Division of ARCHAEA (on the 3rd semester we were just got elected and doing internship in our division of interest). Professional Division of does community services based on scientific life sciences and microbiology that are applicable and appropriate. Our mission is:
1. Expanding the work of Community Service and Professional Division of ARCHAEA ITB from doing community services toward sustainable community development. 2. To be the bridge of innovative creations and scientific research results from ITB students with the applicable purpose in surrounding community. 3. To provide solutions to problems of society-based applications research that has been done.

The ARCHAEA Organization for the term 2013/2014

In January, we went to Cisitu village to do a workshop of planting mushroom. We have practised fisrt to grow our own in December. These are my mushrooms and our work in Cisitu. It’s amazing how they were interested and eager to learn cultivating mushroom themselves 🙂

1517676_10201037569644760_104300320_n 1521942_10201037564524632_68256373_n 1528502_10201037569764763_90319373_n 1528575_10201037642526582_434063318_n154480_10201037642406579_73782337_n1560457_10201037564004619_1820080117_n

ARCHAEA and friends from Cisitu Village

Then on February, ARCHAEA did a group shot together about 120 friends joined. We’re just like a big family, hoho. Even the camera frame didn’t fit all of us, so the guys in the top line were edited to fit in the photo, 😛

Keluarga ARCHAEA
The ARCHAEA Family


The group shot took place on 15th of February, on my birthday 🙂 So after that my friends gave me surprise and a small party. Thank you very much guys! 😀

Thank you !!! :’)


On February I also become an assistant to one of compulsory laboratory project the first year student in ITB, the name is Pengantar Rekayasa dan Desain or shortly called PRD. PRD students from SITH faculty have to project this semester, they make tempeh and charcoal. The aim is to find and alternative base material with alternation of methodology to yield an optimize product. My part is in the tempeh project, together with my friends Marcella, Reni, Wendra, Nael, May, Cindy, and Rio, who also become assistants in tempeh project. These are dome documentation made while making the tempeh.

The making of tempeh
The making of tempeh
Our first tempeh
Trial and error in making tempeh

I’m gonna divide the story in two posts since it has become a very long post, so stay with me 🙂


With smile 😀 and hugs!


Yovita Adj


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