My Third Semester in Microbiology part 1

Hi friends! In this post I want to share about my academic life on my third semester *what? a neeerd?!* Well yeah, this post telling about what I learn during my third semester. I want to share my point of view of what I’m currently learning right now. Because the thing is, it’s really different than in high school. High school students in my school (and I think in other schools as well) don’t received clear image of what microbiologists out there are studying and doing. Well, in fact microbiology is an interesting subject which is worth to learn. Microbes are everywhere and most of them are beneficial to us. We can’t live without microbes, literally, and there are yet to be explored about these tiny creatures around us. They can be applied to many many fields, say; industrial, food science, food quality, mining, oil and gas, environmental, medical, and other fields. Actually there’s too much of them that I can’t mention all the details here, cause it’s gonna be a very long post.

I hope this post can inspire high school students out there who may be interested in microbiology. If you like to work hard and you like applicative science, this is a right place for you! Because you can explore your passion and potential in this field. But if you’re not interested in this topic, I recommend you not to read this post, no pressure 🙂

Now let’s start with the lecture I got;

1. Mikrobiologi Umum/General Microbiology
2. Proyek Mikrobiologi/Microbiology Project
3. Kimia Organik/Organic Chemistry
4. Kimia Analitik/Analytical Chemistry
5. Enzimology
6. Teknik Kultur Mikroalga/Microalgae Culturing Techniques
7. Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan
8. Agama dan Etika
9. Pengetahuan Lingkungan/Environmental Insight

I took 22 Credits this semester, thanks to my Dosen Wali (I forgot the English word *lame) Ibu Dea Indriani Astuti who allowed me to take extra classes.

1. Microbiologi Umum
In this lecture I was introduced to microbial world, starting from it’s history, laboratory works, the development, and applications. The world ‘general’ is best describe it because what I learned in this lecture is more or less like an overview about microbiology.

2. Proyek Mikrobiologi
This probably the most important and center of our study this semester. This is not a lecture, though, Proyek Mikrobiologi is a practical laboratory works, where I and my friends work in a group, 6 hours or more (excluding the journal/logbook and report we made every week) learning skills and introduced to laboratory works of microbiology. It was so interesting, yet challenging. I will write most of the work we have done in this project in the next post, also with photographs I took when i was doing it.

3. Kimia Organik
I also learn chemistry, it’s very useful in microbiology works. Organic chemistry is mainly about structure, functional groups, isomeres, and so on.

4. Kimia Analitik
Analytic Chemistry is another very useful subject in microbiology. I leaned measuring methods, gravimetry, volumetry, colorimetry, spectrofotometry, chromatography, extraction, and other analytical methods.

5. Enzimology
This is actually a third year lecture, which I should taken on my 5th semester but I took in now in my 3rd semester, just because I want to take extra classes to save my credits earlier. So I wad studying with my senior in this class. This lecture is really FASCINATING 😀 ! Yes! It tells about enzymes, it’s kinetics, application, with a bit of bioifnormatic, metagenom, and microbial genetics. I thank God I can catch up with the material though, and until now I become so interested in working with enzymes so maybe I’m considering the topic for my Final Project. But I haven’t thought about it lot.. still have a long journey, to reconsider 🙂

6. Teknik Kultur Mikroalga
This class is also a laboratory work like Proyek Mikrobiologi, but it’s about microalgae and it’s not a compulsory lecture. Many students take this lecture on their 5th semester too, but I took it because I’m interested in microalgae, and the lecturer, Dr. Gede Suantika, recommended it to us. It turned out that this lecture is definitely the most memorable lecture in my 3rd semester. What I learned in this lecture is really technical, I worked in a small group of four with my friends Firdha, Dian, and Agus. We cultured Chlorella vulgaris, a green round shaped microalgae, from small scale (1 Liter) until 40 Liter. I will write more of microalgae on my next post.

The rest of the lectures; Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan, Agama dan Etika, and Pengetahuan Lingkungan was like a general knowledge like what I have learn on high school.

Overall, on my 3rd semester I was introduced to microbes, and basic knowledge in chemistry and metodology in practical work. More of microbial works waiting ahead in the next semester. Ciao! ^^

With smile 😀 and hugs,

Yovita Adj


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