My Laboratory work in 3rd Semester

Hello everyone! I’m going to continue my previous post (here) writing about what I did during my laboratory work in the 3rd semester. There are 2 laboratory works I’m going to tell, actually I have 4 laboratory work, that is; Proyek Mikrobiologi, Teknik Kultur Mikroalga, Kimia Organik and Kimia Analitik, but I only cover 2 of them, Proyek Mikrobiologi and Teknik Kultur Mikroalga, because those two are the most memorable ones and I think I arleady descriced the chemistry lectures quite clear in previous post.

So, let’s get started

1. Proyek Mikrobiologi

I already mention that this is a practical introductory laboratory work of microbiology newbies like me :). In the lab, I worked in a small group, with Firdha, Dea, Kholif, Tina and Ratna. We spent 6 hours or more (excluding the journal/logbook and report we made every week) learning skills and introduced to laboratory works of microbiology. It was so interesting, yet challenging. There are 10 topics plus a small research we did in the lab. Starting from learning how to use microscope, how to colourize bacterial cells, how to sterilize, culturing, manipulate phenotype of bacteria, doing quality control of water samples, and last but not least, making fermentation products. About my small research (or here we call it PenCil, Penelitian Kecil), every group in the lab did different topics. My group examined the quality of water in several bottled water in store, how much bacteria in the water and we applied heat-killing method to find the optimum temperature to kill bacteria in water samples.

The Group 6 members in the lab: Kholif, Firdha, me, Ratna, Dea, and Tina

These are some photos taken during Proyek Mikrobiologi. It’s not in order, but just a random photos I posted, you can see more of it in my facebook page

Our first slide, a lactophenil-cotton-blue-coloured-fungi!
My friend Tina
The utensils used in the lab – capet, mikropipet, tips, tabung, batang L, and of course the stock culture
Microbes stock
Capturing the unseen life
Growth of fungi Aspergilus niger and yeast Saccharomicyes cereviceae
Penicilium sp.
Measuring yeast size
Spread Inoculation techniques
Happy face of Aji!
The mannual autoclave – the stinkiest thing in the lab *use for destruct microbes, so every bad smells accumulated there
Spotted rio
Working aseptically in the lab
Negative coloraation of bacteria using Chinese Ink/nigrosin
Gram coloration (Gram positive)
Spotted again, Rio 😛
My fellow group, Firdha and Tina
Fungi enumeration in food sample *yuck
Biochemical test, lipid metabolizing bacteria
Making tape ketan
Identification of bacteria
Kirby-Bauer test of effectiveness and efficiency of antimicrobial agents (like hand sanitizers, soap, iodine, mouthwash, etc)
Biochemical test for identification of microbes
Another Kirby Bauer test result
Food microbiology – kombucha, yoghurt, tempeh, tapai
Growth of bacterias – Bacilus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus
Making apple cider *featuring Hanny
Identification of fungi *Can you guess what species it is?
This is the microscopic view of unidentified fungi

2. Teknik Kultur Mikroalga

In this lab, the work was done independently by ourselves, unlike in Proyek Mikrobiologi where we were supervised fully by our seniors/our assistants. But in my lab, there were two senior from Microbiology 2008, Ka Nina and Ka Fahma which assisted us who were still a newbie. The lab consist of approximately 20 people, and we were divided to 4 group. I work in a group of 4, Firdha, Dian, Agus, and our prject is to cultivate Chorella vulgaris using a standard medium and a modified medium, then we analyze the biomass and the quality of Chlorella vulgaris harvested from the cultivation on both medium using 2 different harvesting methods, centrifuge and flocculation.

We worked hard on this project, cultivating our Chlorella from 1 litre until 4 gallons of 10 Liters, so in total there were 40 Liters of Chlorella which we need to harveset at the end of semester. I remembered the harvesting part best, it was really boring but exciting. The boring part is because it was really monotonous, where we centrifuged 40 L of Chlorella with 6x50ml centrifuge at a time. It took a very looooooooong time and extra work, extra time, that I have to come to the on Christmas (and I pirated the centrifuge untill all th 40L have been centrifuged, haha). Our result was a microalgae paste, you can see the photo below. I become interested in microalgae too since then, thanks to my labmates, my assitant Ka Nina and Ka Fahma, and Dr. Gede Suantika my lecturer who is the most unique and funny lecturer in Microbiology. 😛

Meet our microalgae – potentially useful Chlorella vulgaris
Now, count the Chlorella everyday to get their growth curve @.@
I Liter scale Cultivation
10 Liter scale cultivation
Another microbes-Spirulina
Bunch of/Nets of Spirulina
Gradient concentration
Before harvesting Chlorella
Our worker in harvesting microalgae, the centrifuge
During harvesting
Selfie camera Firdha
Super selfie me hwhw
The algae paste from 10 L cultivation
Happy !
Our final result of Microalgae paste
Thank you for memorable experience Chlorella!!!^^

Oh, I just browse my folder and I found some photos of my lab work in Organic Chemistry lab. In this lab I work with Kholif, Munjin, Isna, Reskha, and Reni. These were taken on our final week of lab work. Thanks to our assistant, Ka Ijal which have also made this lab exciting!^^ :3

1391530_10200511122323906_2062155106_n 1385263_10200511087603038_794798678_n 1383615_10200511090243104_542763808_n 1382921_10200511094443209_1613698895_n 1380221_10200511135124226_2049896986_n 1377578_10200511085002973_708708727_n  1374151_10200511088923071_288347364_n 1379473_10200511083002923_1312639814_n 1378678_10200511117323781_535451632_n 1378449_10200511144004448_680692180_n

That was all for my lab work in 3rd semester. Boy, this post become very long because of the photos right? Sorry to make you scroll a lot >.<


With smile 😀 and hugs,

Yovita Adj


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