RBL Project of SITH-R Class


This is another RBL documentary of class SITH R. I often come to this class because the lecturer, Mr Agus Suroso, teaches well and I understand many hard concept because of him. And because the lecture fits my schedule, I can attend this class every week.
Back to the RBL. The requirement for this class is easier than my class. They launched their balloon inside the classroom! So the wind and rain factors didn’t affect the lift off. So they all succeeded. The fire was put out by wet blackboard eraser, good idea.

810_3853757865778_1015733550_n 14558_3853801426867_1639727343_n

31549_3853830827602_496170126_n  60903_3853770626097_1743531281_n



381976_3853813467168_2002473553_n 403552_3853779626322_153159090_n

406724_3853844947955_363706140_n 484193_3853829427567_1802220567_n

I went here just to take the photos, because I don’t have anything to do either. At the end of the class, we took a photo with Mr. Agus. I hope I can meet him again next semester 🙂



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