Open House Unit 2012 (August)


Hello again! This is an event held every year by the unit students in ITB. There are so many units in ITB, each is unique. They are categorize as Cultural, Religions, Sport, Outings, Discipline, Arts, and Hobbies.

The new students didn’t know every unit in ITB yet, so every year there’s this event. Every Unit in ITB put up a stand for providing information about their unit, about the activity they do, and registration for the new students, if they want to join. Usually there is a registration fee for joining the unit.
All the stands took up almost a quarter of ITB total field, there are about 90 stands total, excluding the stages in Boulevard, Basketball Court, and Love Court. The stages are for shows from units. Besides putting up a stand, they also showed something. So this event is like an Art Show, but it’s free! 😀


I completed it! Yay!

This year’s event include a trivial challenge, that is, we were ask to collect stickers from every stands and sticks it in a sheet of paper. Whoever get the paper full at a given time, has a chance to win a doorprize (which was a tablet gadget). I and Elice and May collect all the stickers and submitted our papers, but we didn’t get the prize. It’s OK, it’s only a game though :P. Anyway we enjoy the show, it lasted until the night, but I went home earlier, on 4 pm, while my fellow stayed until night.

Here are some of the photos we took.

17781_3853318214787_2081716151_n  28772_3853586421492_470204649_n


282472_3853335255213_117943329_n 481516_3853324414942_1270544190_n





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