Life at ITB (1st Semester)

Bougenvile tree blooms in September
The yellow flower, always blooms right before them exam season started

These are some documentaries of me and my friends at ITB. Life at ITB is quite satisfying. I learned much already, not about the concepts, but it’s about how wemanage our time, how we socialize and how we study with strategy.

My friends in SITH R
Calculus Lessons
with physics lecturer, Mr. Agus Suroso
with my friend Tressa
with my friends again
Aji and Rio soaked wet
studying for the final Calculus exam
My BFF, Elice Aldora, the crazy and genius pal

Btw, speaking about Elice, I had a memorable story with her, one of my best moments in 2012.
It was the last day of exam on ITB, 21st December 2012. I wanted to bought a pair of new shoes on Ciwalk, I’ve seen the shoes a long time ago, half-year ago, but at that time, I didn’t need any. So now, as my old shoes were worn out because of rains, time, and such things, I want to get it. My friend Elice (she’s my college friend, her exam had finished a few days ago), wanted to take a walk out and wanted to buy a ponco (a raincoat), so she went with me.
First, after I finished my exam, the Biology exam, we went for lunch. At that time, the sky was dark and it was started to rain, but as we two were a bit crazy and really wanted to go out, we kept going. We took a walk from ITB to Ciwalk. Fortunately we brought umbrellas, but we got really wet because the road is half filled with rainwater. But we just kept joking and walking.
By the time we arrived, we were so wet. Then I went to the shoe shop. It was on a discount! lucky me 😀 So I took that shoe and bought it. Then we also looked for the ponco. We didn’t found a cheap one in Ciwalk, but on our way back, we saw a 5000 rupiah Ponco in a store. Elice was happy and bought 2. So we came back home with smiles. It was a sweet moment before our holiday. Thank you Elice! ^^

This was the shoe I bought. Mind the leg, lol


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