Ensiklopedia Nusantara (17 November 2012)

This is Samaners!
Merak Dance

On 17th November, we, the SITH (School of Life Science and Technology) 2012 Students were so busy. We made an Art Show called “Ensiklopedia Nusantara”. The show has been prepared since September. It was held in ITB Jatinagor Campus, precisely, in GSG (Gedung Serba Guna). The preparation onsite started 2 days before the Showday. We did separated rehearsal, unified rehearsal, final rehearsal, decorating, check sound, and many more. Including make up before the show.

On 2 pm, the Show started. It was opened by the MC and speeches from the Head of Ceremony, Lecturers of SITH, Decan of SITH, and Vice-Rectorate ITB. Then followed my the Opening Music. After that, there were 6 dances from the Dance Division. Started from Saman Dance (I participated here), Merak Dance, Kandagan Dance, Gambyong Parianaom Dance, Lenggang Nyai Dance, and Topeng Dance. Followed by Angklung and Singing. And the last was a Play.
This event was closed by the Closing Music.

This event got a good response and appreciation from the audience, like WRAM ITB, Decanat of SITH, Vice-Decanat SITH, the staffs, the lecturers from ITB, UNPAD, and members of GPI, students from ITB and Itera, parents, and other. The news about this event is pressed on the SITH website (in Indonesian) on this link http://www.itb.ac.id/news/3737.xhtml
I hope this event can make a better relationship between us and lecturers and grows creativity to make a masterpiece. I didn’t have the preparation day photos yet, so I didn’t post it here.
18256_3853349095559_1316655242_n 59337_3853411417117_533632959_n 63128_3853555980731_2057538582_n  222379_3853453898179_1572307044_n
480043_3853471098609_384114273_n 487051_3853350575596_231898314_n
A little personal chat about Saman Dance, I like Saman very much. I practised it with my fellow dancers enthusiastically. Saman shows a great essence of Islam and its’ spirit. The spirit of devotion and harmony. I’m a Christian but I always assume that all religions are true.
On the Saman Dance. I wore jilbab for my costume. It looks great and fit. I really like the costume too! 😀

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