SARAGA short visit (July 2012)


Being an ITB Students who went to Ganesha Campus, it makes us to have a free access to SABUGA-SARAGA, also known for Sasana Budaya Ganesha. It’s a giant auditorium hall in which many events are occasionally held there. Besides SABUGA there is also SARAGA, it’s a sport field, with running tracks and tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool, fitness centre, and others. ITB students can use the running track free, so in our spare times, I went there with my friends in the morning, for jogging and running.

These are the photos of our first group visit to SARAGA.

425141_3313542200724_303056617_n 531648_3313520640185_1649940951_n

559329_3313526960343_1316073178_n 562810_3313538080621_2047565482_n



And these are the photos of my second visit with several friends, also.


this is hans, my mitsui fellow too

561335_3316626357826_1787504820_n 552579_3316625397802_988316884_n558201_3316620957691_482084985_n


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