Pepakura aka PaperCraft (July 2012)

rilakuma in sailor outfit
danboru family
manga family


half made hatsune miku

PEPAKURA (Katakana from Papercraft) originated from Japan. These 3D Paper doll first plotted in only 2 or 3 A4 paper, several of them is fits into 1 paper only. Then you cut it and fold it, so it sticks and become 3D figure. I used rice and crumbled paper to make the filling, so it has more solid shaped and more stable. I glued it with a double tape.

This new hobby came out when I’m on most boredom. Because of my long holiday, I browsed the internet and found some good stuffs like this. I did this usually at my house and also when I’m at ITB, on the Matriculation Program (The Program is so boring too!)

But after the academic term started I never do this activity anymore and on the next holiday I also didn’t do it. I feel that it took a very long time to finish just one doll. So here’s my creations. I’m admired to people who made the plot. Very creative and imaginative!



168842_3256693779549_1336932707_n314012_3256696499617_137852008_n376816_3256710059956_2097041238_n 396162_3256714420065_1453310396_n 399280_3256713020030_797863207_n  484433_3256699819700_546670733_n 524036_3256713940053_14147312_n 531720_3256695539593_496581238_n


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