Hotaru – June 2012



Hotaru is a cultural Japanese ceremony which was held by UKJ students in ITB. UKJ stands for Unit Kebudayaan Jepang (Japanese Culture Unit). They made this big event annually. This is the first time I went to UKJ event. It was held on the 2nd June 2012. I thought, maybe there are something nice and interesting here. The UKJ posters were so great and appealing. 😀
Oh, this year’s HOTARU Concept is about battle between to divide, the traditional group and modern group. The visitors were asked to join their group, whether it’s traditional or modern.

a papercraft stand

some plushies

When I arrived, at first it wasn’t so hot, just some food stands and handmade products stands. So I just took a stroll around. I joined the traditional group because it’s more artsy. Then when the event has started the visitors were asked to do some quest to help their group. on the main stage, there was a story plot of the battle between the traditional and the modern group. The MC is their highnesses of the 2 groups. They plot the story, while they thrown some challenges to the visitors. The challenges is a chance to get points for our group. Whichever group wins the challenge, they got a big point.


the story plot and progress during the event
sushi contest

I got chance to participate on the Sushi Tei challenge. We were asked to make several types of sushi at a limited time. The most tidy and good sushi (judged by the sushi tei’s chef itself) will be the winner. I got the 3rd place and the 1st winner is won by the Modern Group, so the traditional group didn’t get the biggest point on this game. But all the winners got prizes. I got a good Sushi Tei’s bag with many goodies inside it.



took a pic with donboru figurine

Then, after several hours there I just went around and enjoyed the show. There were street cosplay, dance and dramas. I took many photos there, especially with the cosplay guys and girls. Oh, I managed to completed the quest too! And I got the special pin from it.
The event was quite good, but  I think it lacks control a little bit, because many of the visitor weren’t attrated to the main stage, they were a bit bored. But, I hope the next year’s event will be better. 🙂

Here are some cosplay photos I took. The cosplayers are so creative, I’m amazed.




the main actors and actresses

168847_3161058908737_907980752_n   403378_3161044108367_556187149_n 403488_3160911665056_1360033507_n 536050_3160903104842_1870523871_n 540509_3160902144818_1232581841_n 575698_3160917305197_1047330244_n556453_3160910385024_502060710_n


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