Early days at ITB (June 2012)



On 26th May 2012, I got informed that I accepted to be an ITB student. I got in with Jalur Undangan. I chose SITH (School of Life Science and Technology) as my study program. I’ve been fascinated by biology since I’m on the 11th grade. Mr. Maniam, Mrs. Febby, Ms. Inne and Ms. Yenni, my teachers in High School made me really loved biology, and I know that this subject is not really developed yet in my country, so it’s my opportunity and calling to study it. I planned to take Microbiology as my main study.


In ITB, the first  year students is following a fix curriculum, exception for the SBM (School of Business and Management) and FSRD (Faculty of Arts and Design) students. It’s called TPB (Tahap Persiapan Bersama) the subjects we learn here is similar to the subject we learn in High School, but ofcourse with more conceptual and logical thinking. It’s great and fun! Although some of my friends don’t like this, but I enjoyed my first semester here.

Back to my early days.. On the early June I submitted the documents needed and managed my entry process. After that, there was a matriculation program. The program is almost the same for all the new students, but differs unique to that of the faculty. There are events from our own faculty for 2 weeks. It’s like an orientation, the schedule are sent to our ITB account. Oh it was soo looong. It took 40 days! I was so bored at that time. The activity was dumb as it’s only a talking from people, but only a few exceptions, there are off site activities that were not so boring, fortunately. But mainly it’s just making students sleepy in the room. I couldn’t stand sitting for so long. From the morning until 4 pm. Aarrgh
The things that saved me was the paper craft activity I did on the class, and my new friends. I chatted with my friends often.

This is Tina my school mates, May, Me, and Elice
We took photos on the matriculation program
the ugly one 😛
This is me fellow from Mitsui Scholarship, Dika, He also got to ITB
Tina and May
Tina and May -ugly version-
What The??!!
Elice trying to pay attention unlike me
this is our snack box, it’s large 😀
Tina Lusiany 🙂


But the Program wasn’t so bad though. One day we went excursion to Jatinangor, ITB’s other campus in Jatinangor (ITB has grown to a multicampuses site because the Ganesha Campus is already too crowded, later I explained about this). We went there and plant coffee trees, it was quite interesting. 🙂
Oh, and we got food in the matriculation program, so it wasn’t so disappointing.

planting coffee in Jatinangor Campus

On the last days of matriculation, there is a real Orientation, it’s called OSKM. It lasted for 4 days, it’s not really fascinating, just a talk in groups, about college students, about ITB and about nation. but I like the ending parts. There are flying lanterns lit. It’s romantic

Well, then all of them goes until the end. We finished all the activity and had another Holiday before the academic year started. I thought maybe I was destined to be at ITB first now, because I’ve known ITB since I’m 3. I just look at the photo album and I found this. This is me several years ago. lol 😀

Me infront of the Ganesha Campus




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