First Trial to Japan Scholarship-Mitsui Bussan


I’ve been trying to continue my study to Japan since a long time ago. In the 10th grade, I started my browsing and searching to find a scholarship position. First, I got information about Monbukagakusho Scholarship, the scholarship provided by the japanese embassy for international students around the world. This one is so famous, almost every international student know about this so it turns out that the capacity is a bit hard to get. But I’d like to try it, so I waited until I be qualified to apply.
After my studies in 11th and 12th grade, I planned to apply the Monbukagakusho scholarship. But at the 5th semester of my High School, I got another scholarship provider! It’s from Mitsui Bussan Company. It’s not so well known as Monbukagakusho, and the process is faster, so I wouldn’t have to spend 2 years of waiting and scholarship preparation like in Monbukagakusho program (This Mitsui selection and preparation only takes about half year and 1 year total) So I applied the Mitsui Scholarship Program. If I don’t get it, so be it. I believe it’s the best way.

In the past May 2012, I got informed that I past the first selection process (the document selection) So on 27th May 2012, I went to Jakarta to take the next selection, the science and english test. I’ve learned much about this when I’m on the high school, and did a lot of readings, so the test weren’t so difficult (I’m so thankful for my mother, my chemistry teacher, Ms. Lies Herman, my biology teacher, Mr. Maniam, and my friends who have help me on studying this. They’ve been so helpful, even on holiday :D. And also to God, who’ve taken me to this step and be with me).
Btw, The participant of the test consists of 176 students, most of them are high school students, and there are a few college students. There would be about 10 participant who will be chosen for the next test.
The Mitsui Company would inform it on 1 June 2012.


I was so hopeful I get to the next step. I was quite worried at that time because in the selection process timeline, the next test would be held on 7th and 8th June 2012, 8th June is my Graduation Day, what if I get in and I couldn’t attend it? But if I don’t get it, I’d be disappointed also. I talked to someone from Mitsui Company on the day I took the science test, to Mr. Katsunishi. In my relief, he said that if I got in, they possibly would arrange other day. So I had hopes.

On the 31th May 2012 night, suddenly I got a phonecall from Mr.Katsunishi! My heart pounded as I took the call. He said that I made it to final selection! OMG OMG! I was soo happy! I thought he would inform it on 1st June tomorrow and contact the failed participant at night, lol. But it didn’t happen 😀
And more again, Mr. Katsunishi remembered my note when I told him about the schedule. He said that I could take the final selection on 7th and 11th June, so it wouldn’t  be a problem. I’m so thankful of that! Thanks to God, who made it possible.

So, on 7th June I went to Jakarta for it. that day, it was a Psycological Test. It was held on University of Indonesia in Salemba. I went to Jakarta alone, with travel, on 4 am so that I wouldn’t be late.
The test started on 8 am. There are 14 students who made it here. I chatted with a few of them and shared our thoughts, we had a good time, especially when we waited for the psycology interview.
I think I did well in the test, I don’t want to brag about it, (because Psycological Test isn’t really about our intellingence) After we’ve finished I went back to Bandung.

Then on 11th June, I went again for the test. That day was healthcheck, in Jakarta Hospital. I went there at dusk, but the traffic is terrible, I’m a bit nervous that I would came late, because of the traffic.
But alas, I made it to the hospital right ontime! Phew,
So then I followed the Medical CheckUp test until all of it completed before I went to Bandung again.


simple humble sushi & sashimi

After several weeks, I was informed that I made it to interview! Again I feel confident, this is the final step to go to Japan! I’ve done research about many university and life in Japan. It’s gonna be a great adventure in Japan.
So on 3rd July 2012, I went again to Jakarta. It was held in PT Mitsui Indonesia, in English. I got the first turn. This is my first formal interview, so I’m a bit nervous too, but I’m ready. I came a bit too early and there was a man on the waiting room. I talked a bit to him and I found out that he’s one of the interviewer. I hoped I made a good impression to him. He told me that there would be 5 interviewer later, that’s quite a lot! I hoped I didn’t got intimidated.
On 8 am, I got called and it really started. I prayed to God for the best. It turned out that it wasn’t as scarier as I thought. Once I introduced myself, I’m not nervous anymore.
The interview questions; Firstly it’s general, like what’s your motivation, how’s your academic background, family background, your strenghs and weaknesses, and your English proficiency. Also they asked about my nonacademic activity that I did at school, and my participation in several competition.
They asked about my future plan, and asked whether I want to be a lecturer like my parents (one of them read my application know about my parents are lecturer in ITB). I was a bit startled, and automatically said I don’t know. I’m not used to teaching in front of many people, although I can tutor my friends and sisters. They just laugh and said OK.
They laughed a lot. When they asked my about my favorite Japanese food (what kind of question like that??) and I answered sashimi, they laughed so loud and long. Ha Ha Ha! They also asked some trivial questions like my favorite sports and why didn’t I apply American Scholarship.
Then they also asked about Japanese proficiency. I told them I already took class in Japanese and I introduce myself shortly in Japanese. It’s a pity I didn’t speak longer in Japanese. At that time, I went blank and don’t know what to talk about. >.<
The interview last for 20 minutes, not more, not less. After that my friends got interviewed too, exactly in 20 minutes too.

I got informed that the scholarship recipient would be only 2 people. Only 2 people. And we would be informed about the result on the next Monday, whether we passed it or not. Well, I just hope for the best, Give Thanks and waited. If I didn’t get it It’s okay and I know my Japan living is only delayed. 🙂


So, 3 days after the interview, a waiting that felt so long, on 6th July 2012 Katsunishi sent me email. They sent emails to all of the 14 applicants. My heart beat so fast when the mail is loading, when the attachment is downloaded and I extracted it. The result was….

hopeful.. hopeful…

I didn’t get it! wokwokwokwok…. 😛

Well, I admit that I was disappointed at that time, because I’ve tried really hard and I thought I manage to get a good shot in the selection process. I’ve learned from the past test papers and really read many articles about Japan.
But I faced the fact. It really happened, The next day, I gave thanks to God, to my parents and my family. I found the things that lightens me. I’m glad because if I’m still here in Bandung, I can still be together with my high school friends, with Momo my cute kitten and so on.
I’m honored that I can already went to Mitsui Company itself, on its’ office. I remembered the strict security, the unique lift that needs special card (which we barter for our KTP) to be used. I learned to travel alone and do many things in Jakarta. It’s a great experience. And it can be helpful for future experience too!
So, after I learned the fact that I didn’t get in, I would go to ITB (My backup plan is to get here, I’ve already accepted here on Jalur Undangan, it was informed on the last February 2012) studying microbiology. I didn’t have any back up scholarship at that time, so I really would spend my college year in Bandung. Probably there’s a chance that I can visit Japan in some particular programs, but I’ll wait the chances day by day.
At first, I thought life at ITB wouldn’t be so fun. I heard many rumours about ITB, the good and the ugly. So I just hope that I manage to get along well with people there.


So that’s all about my first trial to get Japan Scholarship, I think it’s not useless though. 🙂

NB: Several of my friends in SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR High School send application to Monbukagakusho Scholarship. They all got rejected and I found out that the reason why they all didn’t got in is because their document format is different than other schools. That’s sucks I think, because all the marks were completed, but only because of the different format the embassy didn’t check it and just rejected it. I think I’ll told the headmaster so on the next term, this won’t happen again. It really sucks. lol


18 thoughts on “First Trial to Japan Scholarship-Mitsui Bussan

  1. Halo kak yovi, saya kebetulan nemu blog ini dari search 2x ,bloeh ngga aku tanya . Menurut kakak apa bener ini beasiswa cuma diliat dri sekolahnya aja? trims ya kak kalo mau bales .. Keep posting

    1. Halo Aida. Beasiswa mitsui bussan tidak semata-mata melihat sekolah kok. Saya sendiri tidak tahu pasti mereka menyeleksi berdasarkan apa saja, namun banyak aspek yang mereka perhitungan, selain dari asal sekolah. hehehe..

      Maaf ya, udah lama banget aku ga posting, kehidupan di kampus sibuk, bahkan liburan kepake juga. tapi berharga juga ini pengalaman kampus, hehehe 🙂

  2. Makasih kak, informatif banget postingannya. Ada poster, prospektus, sama formnya mitsui nggak kak? Pengen baca nih tapi yg di sadanet uda nggak bisa dibuka. Kalo ada boleh minta tolong uploadin kak atau kirim ke emailku Makasih banget kak 🙂

    1. Halo ares maaf saya baru sempat balas sekarang, untuk informasi Mitsui sadanet akan selalu bisa dibuka selama pendaftarannya buka, periode lalu kamu ikut? ada semuanya di websiteny kok 🙂

  3. Hi! Such an informative post you’ve made! I have a small question. Reading from your post, it seems like everyone who attended the psychological test and medical check up made it to the interview. Is that true? Or only a handful did? Thanks!

  4. Hi! You are the applicant on 2012 right? Is it different from the other applicant (2010 and 2013 ” because i only read them”)? they said that their writting test which they have done only math and english test.. there is no chemistry and physics.
    Thabkyou ^^

  5. Hi kak yovita, i’d like to ask.. im applying mitsui bussan too this year so I’d like to know.. how did u study for the english and science entrance test? I searched the internet for past papers and i couldnt find it…

    1. Hai Daniel,
      True, there is no past papers.
      For both English and Math test I studied from MEXT Monbukugakakusho scholarship past tests (it is available in their website),
      in Mitsui Bussan test basically they focussed on things we already learned high school.
      I don’t think it’s that hard, but you know I didn’t past this scholarship after interview, even though i passed the written examination.
      So my advice is just do your best! study hard and go for it! I wish you the best future^^

    1. They (mitsui bussan) dont publish the past test papers as far as i know. but you can learn mext’s past test paper in the mext website, just google it and it’s easy to be found.

  6. Halo kak, mau nanya. syarat pendaftaran itu kan untuk program MIPA di SMA nya harus memiliki nilai di mata pelajaran tertentu rata rata 80 (tahun ini) atau lebih. terus mata paelajarannya itu Matematika, kimia, fisika, dan bahasa inggris.
    Buat yang matematika nya yang dilihat nilai matematika wajib atau matematika peminatan?
    Terima kasih yah kak

    1. Selamat pagi,
      Apabila detail pertanyaan seperti itu, saya kurang tahu apabila tahun ini seperti saat saya mendaftar 4 tahun lalu atau tidak.
      Dahulu saya mengirim nilai total, yang wajib. Tidak ada nilai peminatan…
      Saya pikir selama dokumen yang dikirimkan lengkap, akan oke saja.

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