My Cats Update (May-June 2012)


Hello there! Meet the new kitten! His name is Momo! Momo is from my dad’s friend. He got his name from Momo in the Avatar Aang movie (The flying lemur) because he’s just like him! He’s black and white and he can jump high and being crazy like the flying lemur.
He was so small and quiet when he first came to our house. He sniffed and explored the house. Gora was there too when he arrived. He’s a bit afraid of Gora at first, he kept hissing at him ( but fortunately they got along each other several days after).
His sound was seldom and small. But when he plays, he’s so noisy. He quickly adapt and befriend the household, including Kapo the hamster. Take a look at his photos.

Oh, at the bottom, there are some of our neihboor cat, Fluffy and Pipi Tembem. They posed so great, so I posted the photos too here.

428466_3085748986036_1333243905_32103399_515907847_n 317943_3085743265893_1333243905_32103386_366260498_n 527639_3085746505974_1333243905_32103394_1973680014_n72834_3085746025962_1333243905_32103393_1001093029_n  579556_3085724905434_1333243905_32103344_1859331077_n 536434_3085733385646_1333243905_32103369_1076400773_n525018_3085742865883_1333243905_32103384_295975659_n 532963_3085727305494_1333243905_32103352_745363619_n564793_3085721065338_1333243905_32103329_989198672_n  582427_3085722305369_1333243905_32103334_1882388020_n


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