School Trip to Lampung-Dufan (2010, October)

On 18-21 October 2010, The 11th Grade student in SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR Bandung went to Lampung and Dufan. At first we planned to go to Jogjakarta, but because of the early occurred earthquake in Jogjakarta, the Jogja destination was cancelled.
We went by bus, and by cargo ship to cross the island. We visited many places in Lampung: The Elephant Soccer arena, Budidaya Hewan Perairan,
I don’t think this trip is excellent, we spent our time mainly in the bus, traveling from place to place (the places we visited in Lampung were far away). But I was very glad because on this opportunity, I met very great classmates. I didn’t get along so close with friends before, but we became great friends since this trip.67221_1418027734047_3718141_n67364_1418017613794_251068_n67494_1418046334512_5786908_n67414_1418241699396_4137875_n73529_1418220018854_174003_n67379_1418031614144_3650526_n73138_1418022053905_529795_n


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