OSIS Event Charity (2011, April)

205175_1675469455587_1502981534_31270921_3781289_nOn 16th April 2011, me and my OSIS friend get ready for Charity trip on 18th. We started with selling clothings, toys, shoes and other things (with cheap price) to the people who live near our school. We got the goods from all of SMAK 1 students, they’ve collected many clothes and bags and shoes, magazines, and many more

Many people came, a lot of them happy with this event, they bought a lot of things, some of them still bargain for cheaper price. We finished this activity at 12, and cleaned all the remainings of the goods

215942_1675781503388_1502981534_31271237_4751753_nOn 18th April 2011, me and my OSIS friends went to Panti Jompo and Panti Asuhan (orphanage). We gave them sembako and goodie bags. These money and goods were collected by all of the students and teachers in my school, SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR Bandung. Then we OSIS delivered the goods.

The first trip was to Panti Jompo Priangan, it was near Lembang. At Panti Jompo Priangan, we shared many things, chat with old people and encourage them. They’re really kind, honest, and some of them is still energetic and happy.

215570_1675805783995_1502981534_31271277_1332737_nThen we have break for about two hours, we went to restaurant called Susu Murni (SuMur) at Lembang. We had lunch together. Some of us bring our own lunchbox. Then we sing together, making noises and taking photos, doing many things.

At about 12 pm., we continued our trip to Rumah Kasih. At Panti Asuhan Rumah Kasih, we gave a little puppet show to the children. They looked very happy and cheerful. And luckily they feel enthusiast with the puppet show.
205727_1670879700846_1502981534_31265648_5458010_nAfter all that has done, we prayed together, and gave the children some goodie bags, then we off to Bandung again.

The trip was simple, but full of joy and happiness. We realized that many people like them, though they’re poor, but they keep in faith. We learned some lessons from them 🙂

215255_1669287421040_1502981534_31263549_1286698_n   216222_1670872700671_1502981534_31265634_2851414_n


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