LDKS (November, 2010)

On the 27th of November 2010, The OSIS got some lesson called LDKS (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa) before we got elected as OSIS.On the 11th grade I was recruited as OSIS, so I joined this lesson. The photos are the last lesson we got, we did rafting at Situ Cileunca Panglayangan. Apart from that, we had lectured and leadership games before the rafting. It was A REAL BLAST! We had so much fun, and I love to go rafting again :).
155654_1461061129855_5510767_n75663_1461061929875_2423300_n76748_1461061329860_8349259_n149562_1461061609867_6597560_n  75311_1461062769896_3752085_n76495_1461062289884_3388260_n 76742_1461062089879_7797169_n  76989_1461062609892_719414_n 148891_1461063049903_5990569_n 149177_1461062449888_234565_n  149630_1461060929850_1036233_n  156098_1461063209907_367660_nHere’s late update of LDKS photo.


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