Last Day of Studying in SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR (12 April 2012)


We were stranger, we met, we became friends, we study together, we care, we stressed, we succeed, and we’ll soon graduated!

OH, DAMN! I love high school! Really, really, many adventures in this school, many great teachers and friends. I’ll be missing you guys very much!

God Bless You all! =3… .
~12 April 2012..
The Last Day I study in my lovely school, SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR. We took photographs and said farewell to several teachers. Although we would met again at graduation and in my case, I would meet them again in holiday (because I’m doing the graduation book project and graduation ceremony backdrop),
we wouldn’t meet again with several teachers. Unless we visit our High School again in the future.
I love being a student here. I learned so much lessons, life skills. I became friends with teachers and many students. I’m not shy like when I was still in Junior High School. I learned to organize my activities and be active at school, helping others, participated in competition, studied hard until I got good grades and stuffs. I also learned martial arts, that became my passion. And I found my relationship with Jesus get better since I’m in High School. I’m so grateful 🙂 🙂

Full Gallery —->… 398251_2854790612221_1333243905_32009082_1582879247_n 524704_2854781531994_1333243905_32009062_411617677_n 529177_2854792852277_1333243905_32009087_1261042482_n 529788_2854775491843_1333243905_32009052_1507743259_n 533393_2854811212736_1333243905_32009147_1542853356_n  535767_2941301254933_1333243905_32042580_50889280_n    562222_2854802412516_1333243905_32009103_1453751458_n 562680_2854801412491_1333243905_32009100_1430683924_n 542119_2941305055028_1333243905_32042582_52679721_n 575379_2854806292613_1333243905_32009124_1070195694_n535464_2854812452767_1333243905_32009153_1103690785_n564246_2854774291813_1333243905_32009049_2069515624_n 580219_2854807132634_1333243905_32009129_1304595882_n


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