Holiday in Bali with my Family (June 2011)


267597_1784136246531_1333243905_31431857_2312689_nOn June 2011, Me and My family went to Bali.. We went for only 4 days, but we’d planned our trip so we can visit many interesting places in Bali.

On the first day, after we arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar, we went to Tanah Lot. We hired a car in Bali, that way, we can save money for taxi. It was afternoon when we arrived at Tanah Lot, so we could see the sunset at Tanah Lot. It was beautiful, the view was breathtaking.
Then after we finished, we went to a hotel. We only stay one night at the hotel, because in the next dusk, we would go to Lovina Island. It was an island located on the south of Bali, there are many dolphins on the Lovina beach in the morning. If we’re lucky we can see them, they only come out at dusk and not everyday.

260307_1784187687817_1333243905_31431999_3877802_n 261570_1784172607440_1333243905_31431960_2727708_n 261883_1784169927373_1333243905_31431951_2689156_n  264720_1784192087927_1333243905_31432022_300965_n 267304_1784204968249_1333243905_31432075_2680266_a   269880_1784153486962_1333243905_31431901_5946376_n

269937_1784655579514_1333243905_31433022_2283181_nSo, late at night, about 2 a.m., we went to Teluk Lovina, the nothern part of Bali Island. We arrived at five in the morning.. It was still dark, but the skyview is so amazing! There so many stars and the sky is dark purple. Although it was on the beach, the weather was very cold.
Then at six, we went to the sea by boat, search for dolphins. These dolphins are wild dolphins, they come and cross this place in the morning. It was amazing, we were lucky that time because we can see many dolphins. 267471_1784658659591_1333243905_31433029_6806547_n
After watching dolphins, we went to a shallow sea near the beach, there are many coral reefs and fishes. We can see the bottom of the sea very clearly. We also fed the fishes and they like it! Lovina Beach is indeed a very good and peaceful place 🙂
After that, we had breakfast then we went to Gitgit Twin Waterfall. Wewalk accross the forest and finally arrived. The waterfall is beautiful, and there was a rainbow there. At the bottom of the waterfall, there is little pond. We can swim there, but we didn’t. Instead there were 3 visitors swimming there.

269035_1785707805819_1333243905_31434506_2671119_n267342_1785676165028_1333243905_31434426_5976079_nThen we went to Bedugul Park. The place is so pretty, there are Cactus Greenhouse, Orchid Collection, Bamboos, and many other plants and trees. After that, we had lunch in a very windy restaurant,it was still cold, really, because the wind was hard.

Late afternoon, we went to Sanur to check in to our hotel, Werdhapura. Then we strolled the beach and play sand for a while.


261678_1787532291430_1333243905_31436510_5024509_nOn the third day, we went to Nusa Dua, a place in Tanjung Benoa, to play Watersport. There are various kinds of watersports there; Flying Fish, Diving, Parasailling, Doughnut, Snorkeling, jetski, and others. They’re quite expensive, so we chose only a few of them. We chose jetski, parasailing, and diving. Diving is quite fun!
After that we had lunch, then we went to Penyu Island. We saw and fed many penyus there. There are cute baby penyus, too!^^ We also saw phyton, bats, rangkong bird, eagle, biawak, and cute little doggy.260459_1787543011698_1333243905_31436526_3899871_n
Then we went to Jimbaran, eating a quite expensive seafood dinner. After that we went to the airport. My dad and Irma had to go home, because Irma’s graduation ceremony is tomorrow (at first, the plan was like this. But 3 days before, it was moved to Monday next week, beuhh…)
Then at night, we went back to the hotel, and take a walk to see cheap souvenir shops, looking many handicrafts and stuffs. We bought a few nice things, before we went back to hotel.       263565_1787519611113_1333243905_31436495_4119615_n 264148_1787521691165_1333243905_31436498_5724592_n   263066_1788106505785_1333243905_31437034_7427332_n269493_1787541691665_1333243905_31436523_4648365_n260057_1787549011848_1333243905_31436539_7558411_n264959_1787514450984_1333243905_31436487_7375713_n264831_1788131826418_1333243905_31437112_555587_n

261745_1788313230953_6477525_nOn the forth day, we play around for a while in the hotel’s swimming pool. Then we visit some souvenir shops, and revisit Tanah Lot. The aura in Tanah Lot was different than we last visited it, beacuse it is at noo. The wave were bigger and crowded with people. We saw a sacred snake which was believed to guard the Tanah Lot since Ancient Time.

267830_1788393272954_1333243905_31437440_6344805_n264925_1788319831118_1333243905_31437341_1001573_n259805_1788347711815_1333243905_31437388_2851263_n 267915_1788310030873_1333243905_31437330_6870480_n
I268375_1788401713165_1333243905_31437452_7656205_nn the afternoon, after stroll around eating autenthic Balinese cuisine, we went to the airport. We went home this afternoon.
The plane was smooth, we arrived safely in Bandung at night. I think Bali is a good island. The culture and custom was still preserved well, although the Balinese are too relax in my opinion, they take it easy at the work, so the service are a bit slow. 🙂





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