Singapore Trip With Family (2009, December)

19175_1168021444046_3963440_nOn the end of the year 2009, I went again to Singapore. This time with my mother and sisters (my father didn’t want to go because he doesn’t like traveling, so he just sleep at home). We got good prices for the plane tickets. We departed from Bandung, Husein Sastranegara Airport on 15th of December. The plane was delayed, we should’ve had arrived in Singapore at noon, instead we arrived at night. Oh well.. 😛
After we arrived, we got to our booked inn. We spent the night in an old lady’s apartment in People’s Park Center. It was not really cheap, but at least it’s cheaper than hotel.

19175_1168021804055_2020043_nOn the next day, we went to Merlions’ Park., Esplanade, and took a stroll around the Orchard Road. We took effort to make funny photos around the Merlion. We didn’t went in to Esplanade, just view it’s building from outside.
Then after that, we went to Vivo City Mall for lunch and for getting to Sentosa Island (The Island can be reach by Cable Car in the mall). Vivo City was such a big mall, we didn’t see many of its’ stores because we were getting to the Sentosa Island.19175_1168022564074_6670151_n
In Sentosa Island, we played in the beach, play cable car and other games. There was many nice chairs and tables on the beach. The weather was good and we enjoyed it. After that, we see a famous show ‘Songs of the Sea’ at night in Sentosa. When it has finished, we went back to the apartment, it was a very tight schedule day.




19175_1168039524498_7011109_nOn the second day, we went to the Science Center and Snow City. First we visited Snow City. It was really cooold.. We went slliding there and after a while we felt really frozen, so we came out. We spent a couple of hours in Snow City, we didn’t allowed to bring cameras there, so we must buy the photo if we want to capture ourselves. But because the prices was so high, we didn’t get it. Instead we took many free fancy postcards on the ticket booth. The postcards were cool, really! 😀
Then we enter the Science Center. The place was as cool as my last visit on March 2009. We explored many places and experimenting on many machine. The plaec was indeed real science-based-concept.
We spend many hours in the Science Center, then after finished, we went to a watery region (I forgot it’s name), with many restaurants and bars there, and we rent a boat to stroll along the river. The view was amazing.
After dark, we went back to our apartment. It’s good thing that Singapore has MRT. It makes transportation for both Singaporeans and tourists19175_1168039564499_5634528_n easy, and fast also.

On our last day, we didn’t have many chances to get around Singapore because our plane would leave at noon. So in the morning we walk around People Park, getting sandwich from Subway, and then packed to airport.
At Changi, we spent our remaining coins, buying sweets and chocolate. We spent time a little too long in the sweetshop that we almost missed the plane! When we realized this, we catch our steps and ran to the boarding gate. Luckily, very lucky, the plane was delayed for half an hour. It was really a relief.
And then, well, we went home smoothly, arrived in Bandung in the afternoon. 🙂




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