Life Science Symposium 2009

L2650_1035072240399_7167202_nife Science Symposium 2009 Gaia’s Garment

The Life Science Symposium is an annual science project held by ACS (Anglo Chinese School Independent) in Singapore. Every year there’s one main theme that ACS made for the competition. In 2009, It was Gaia’s Garment. The objective is to make an eco-friendly school design. The team who make it to the final (about 20 teams around the world, but mainly Asia&Australia) will be invited to come to ACS and present their project concept, the event was 10 days long.

ImageMe and my group classmate (Sanny, Vindy, Marcella) were in Junior High School (class 9th) at that time. We came here as representatives from our school, SMPK 1 BPK PENABUR Bandung. We came together with another team from our school too, they didn’t make it to the final, but they are invited too, with terms & condition apply =). Our project is “OUR SCHOOL OUR PLANET PRESERVERS”
On March 2009, we depart from Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Our departure was delayed, so we spent time making souvenir for people who would attend our booth when we present our project.
Then we finally departed afternoon and arrived at Changi Airport. Then we were escorted to the Hotel which we would stayed in during our visit in Singapore. Image
On the first Night, the headmaster of Anglo Chinese School gave a welcome speech to us. And also we were given timeline, for the activities we would do in Singapore. It was so exciting, we would visit many great places, and also public entertainment, just like tourism route. We also met another group members from another countries, they are so happy and excited just like us. Then we have dinner together in the Hotel.

The next day after breakfast, we went to the ACS school for the Arrival Ceremony.We met some of our alumni from SMPK BPK PENABUR Bandung that were now studying in ACS. They’re so warm and a bit naughty.
After lunch, we went to The Science Center. The place was huge and cool, so many great scientific booth there, and so hi-tech. We take a bunch of photos here. I’ve uploaded them in my facebook album. After that we visited other places of interest. We finish our first day tour at night, then we went back to hotel.

2650_1034903236174_3218544_nOn the second day, we took a couple of hours taking class at ACS. I think the lesson weren’t as difficult as ours in Indonesia. The teachers were only cover the basic concept, so it’s not really complicated. But the students were so naughty, they just having fun in the class, doing crazy laughs and funny behaviors. They were either too energetic, too upset with the lesson, or don’t like their teachers. The majority of the class were boys, because ACS ia a foreign boys boarding school, only singaporean girls went to ACS.
After several hours with the naughty boys, we did an experiment about antibiotics and fungi in the Science Lab. There was also a talk from a teacher (I think) who gave us lecture about Life Science.

Then on the third, forth, fifth, and sixth day (actually I didn’t remember exactly when these events happened) we visited many places around Singapore like, Esplanade, Marina Bay, Orchard City Tour, O’ Chin Huat Farm, Vivo City, Sentosa Island, Underwater World, and other nice places. We took so many photos and a few souvenirs to bring home.






On the seventh day, The Symposium, it was held in ACS. In the morning, we gathered in the auditorium hall for speeches and award ceremony. Our team was in the fourth place. It was really Thank to God we can make it to the fourth place. I hope the future team from Indonesia can be greater than us.
After that ceremony, we prepared our booth for the exhibition. We made a model of our project with its’ explanations, and we also prepared our souvenir. The other teams were also did the same.
Then many peopl

e came to our booth, and we explained our concept. We talk alot with people and also saw our friends’ from the other teams’ works. Many of them wer awesome. There were so many creative ideas about an eco-friendly school. It’s good if we can apply these in our school.

2650_1035202163647_442205_nAfter the exhibition has ended, it was already afternoon, almost night. There was Hawker’s Night, it was a farewell dinner and culture night. Our team brought a traditional dance from Indonesia. We learned it when we were 8th grade. Other team also gave many great show. We also ate traditional Singapore dishes. There were many food choices, so we ate so much. That night was so happy, the food was good, the friends were friendly. We said goodbye because on the next day we would came back home to Indonesia.

On the last day, we prepared ourselves and went back to Indonesia. It was such an unforgettable trip, I met many new friends, experienced new surroundings, and learned public speaking. It was a very good Symposium.



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